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Өмнөх Дараах
Бусад / 2019-02-04 D.Altantsetseg: Small-sized factories still use imported threads Mrs. D.Altantsetseg, Executive Director of the Mongolian Wool & Cashmere Association, gave us an interview, talking about urgent nowadays issues to the wool and cashmere sector of Mongolia and some possible solutions to resolve it.
Бусад / 2019-02-04 Mr. Huang Kuo-jung: Taiwan and Mongolia can to enter the world market together Mr. Huang Kuo-jung, Representative of the Taipei Trade and Economic Representative Office in Ulaanbaatar gave an interview to our magazine, talking about current cooperation between Mongolia and Taiwan in the economic and trade spheres.
Бусад / 2019-02-04 L.Bolormaa: Mongolian women are creating top brands that will dominate in the national market A Meeting of Women Entrepreneurs of Asia-Pacific Countries will be held within the forthcoming Conference of the Confederation of Asia-Pacific Chambers of Commerce and Industry (CACCI) and the CACCI President’s visit to Mongolia.
Бусад / 2019-02-04 G.Yeruult: I have an ambitious goal to open a shoe factory with British technology Our magazine interviewed G.Yeruult who was success in the 2018 Shoemaking World Championships representing Mongolia.
Бусад / 2018-08-02 Economic Professor Koji Tomita from Japan: I wish Mongolians would benefit more from the Economic Partnership Agreement Since 2016, Mongolia has been able to export 5,700 kinds of goods to Japan, while Japan can supply 9,300 kinds of products to Mongolia without taxes under the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA).
Бусад / 2018-07-30 It is time to care about infrastructure and services for the tourism sector Tourism and air transportation were among the hot topics discussed at the latest series of the Mongolian Economic Forum-2018 held on May 21-22 in the Government House.
Бусад / 2018-07-26 Cryptocurrency is at risk to be used for money laundering The 2018 G20 Summit will be held from November 30 to December 1 in Buenos Aires, Argentina and it will convene Finance Ministers and leaders of central banks of the G20 major economies.
Бусад / 2018-07-23 Deputy PM U.Enkhtuvshin: We prefer to assist and educate rather than punish My duties include oversight of four agencies.
Бусад / 2018-07-23 B.Chimegtsetseg: It is time for a mindset change and transition to renewable energy Billions of Tugrik has been spent on inventions like smokeless stoves or double covering of yurt in order to mitigate pollutions in Ulaanbaatar city, a long-time issue for the city.
Бусад / 2018-07-19 Ts.Sanchir: We Mongolians must concern creativity rather than productions Ts.Sanchir, leader of the Tasam NGO, has gained popularity by her works of researching the lifestyle, history, and legacy of the Mongols residing all over the world.
Бусад / 2018-07-19 Behavior, Rather than Knowledge, an American Hiring Priority Hosted by the Happiness Center, Ulaanbaatar-based MCS Coca Cola Company, B. Batjargal, a software engineer of the ‘Quartzy’ Company at the Silicone Valley, CA, USA, was invited to speak at the one of the ‘Busy Young Age’ series of lectures.
Бусад / 2018-07-19 M.Oyunchimeg: Mongolian businesswomen proved what they could achieve A delegation led by Ms. M.Oyunchimeg, CEO of the Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MNCCI), took part in the 10th Anniversary Conference of the International Women’s Entrepreneurial Challenge (IWEC) held on November 12-14 in Seattle, USA.
Бусад / 2018-07-19 “Without the competitive manufacturer, Mongolia can suffer again from the shortage of foreign-exchange reserves” Mr. Choi Seon Gyu, an adviser of the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) to MNCCI, published a book ‘Opportunities for Penetrating into the Market of the Republic of Korea’ in Mongolian, which is for those who want to learn business opportunities in South Korea and to give them an overview about the country’s market.
Бусад / 2018-07-19 Mongolia boosting commercial ties with countries through trade agreements Mongolia has been broadening commercial and economic partnership ties with multiple countries since the country transitioned to democracy in 1990, significantly increasing the quantity and scope of partnership and commercial agreements with other countries.
Бусад / 2018-07-19 Mongolia slowly but surely digging itself out Mongolia, a country with abundant mineral resources but with so much unfulfilled potential, appears to be slowly digging itself out from its economic woes, and most importantly restoring investor confidence.